We are not just local, our success spans the globe

Daifuku’s world-class systems have led the industry by combining conveying, storage, sorting, picking and controls to serve a range of industries across the globe.

We have refined our expertise not only as a manufacturer but as a system integrator, providing precise solutions to the challenges faced by modern businesses today.

Our approach is not groundbreaking. We simply listen.

We listen to what our customers want to achieve, today and for the future, through having an in-depth understanding of their internal systems, existing infrastructure and capabilities to arrive at unique solutions to unique problems.

Our projects span the globe, as we continually seek to redefine how technology can shape and enhance the customer experience.

As the largest material handling provider in the world, the Daifuku Group consists of over 9,000 employees worldwide, providing opportunities and roles across a range of industries.

Daifuku Oceania specialises in Airport Technology (ATec), Logistics Solutions, Operations, Maintenance and Software products supporting our global partners and customers around the world.

Discover the Daifuku difference – together we keep the world moving.